3L Weekly News

Week Ending October 9, 2015

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This Week In...

We officially have the cutest 3rd grade class EVER! Here they are on Picture Day! Thanks Mrs. Cittadini for your photography skills!


  • We worked on story structure and summarizing.

  • We completed a graphic organizer based on the story structure of A Fine, Fine School.

  • We completed written responses called Digging Deep.

  • We completed our first Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary quizzes.


  • We reviewed calculator routines and reviewed number patterns using frame and arrow diagrams .
  • We wrapped up Unit 1.
  • We prepped for our assessment by taking a practice test, completing stations, and took the assessment.
  • This week we will begin Unit 2.


  • We examined a 3rd grade writing checklist. This list helped us determine and reflect on which skills we were mastering and which skills we’d like to improve.

  • We learned that in order for readers to understand our writing we must capitalize, punctuate, and check our spelling.

Word Study

  • We completed speed sorts, closed sorts, and write and draw activities.
  • Word Study homework will begin Monday, October 12th.


  • We prepared for planting next week and learned about the materials that will help our plants grow.
  • The quad is Styrofoam cube with split into four little squares. Each square will grow a plant.
  • Additionally, we positioned the wicks which will soak up water and act like a root.
  • We filled each quad with soil and fertilizer.

Social Studies:

  • We leaned our first vocabulary word: geography
  • We also spent time understanding the word hemisphere. We learned that the equator is the imaginary line that runs around the world and separates the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • We also found that the Prime Meridian is an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole. It separates the Eastern and Western hemisphere.


  • We reviewed multiple meaning words.

Morning Meeting:

  • Students shared what we did over the weekend and played Who Remembers for the rest of the week. To play Who Remembers, we pick a topic. Our topics were favorite food and books. Then, every student shares an idea in a complete sentence. Next, students are picked to ask their classmates "Who remembers whose favorite book or food was ___________)?
  • Greetings in Korean (thanks Dayne) and student choice.

Parent Visitation Schedule

We are thrilled to have the opportunity for each of our parents to visit our classroom! This is always an exciting time of year and two days we certainly love. We're excited for you to see first hand what our mornings and afternoons look like in action! Below please find a tentative schedule of what subjects and specials will be taught during your visit.

October 13: Time (9:00-11:00)


8:45-9:35 Writing Workshop

9:35-10:15 Word Study

10:15-11:00 Reading Workshop

October 14: Time (1:00-2:30) **Strings will be at 2:00


12:40-1:20 Everyday Math

1:20-1:50 Spanish

1:50-2:00 Everyday Math (continued)

2:00-2:30 Social Studies

Student Council Activities

Congratulations to our Student Council Representatives: Caroline and Isaiah. Please help us support Student Council by participating in one of the following activities.

Halloween Costume Collection:

-bring gently used or new Halloween costumes

-must be donated by October 22nd

-will be donated to children throughout South Jersey

Stomp Out Hunger:

-runs October 1-November 22

-donate canned goods

-benefits Mabel Kay Senior Center & families throughout South Jersey

Check This Out!

1. Making Change/Counting Money: **GREAT to review for upcoming lessons!!!**

2. Telling Time website

3. Twitter: I have recently started tweeting on Twitter! You can find our pictures via #centralschoolpride, @mlipski1, or @CentralES1 (Mrs. Simkus and Central page)https://twitter.com

4. Time for Kids is great for current events.

5. Online Addition Practice: **look on right hand side and click addition!

6. Moby Max: This is a great enrichment tool for Math and Language Arts. Your child's login is in the front of his/her planner. Students will be logging in for the first time this year on Friday.

Room Mom Information

Please support our class by helping our Room Moms prepare the basket for the Fashion Show!


Allergies: If your child has an allergy, please contact our Room Moms. They will need to know this information when preparing for parties. Students with allergies are not permitted to eat food at school parties unless written consent from a parent is provided. Please send an e-mail to me and Mrs. Barranger if you are allowing your child to eat food provided at the party.

Bike Rodeo: Please click the link.

Scholastic Books: Orders have been shipped and should be here next week!

Timed Addition Quiz: Please make sure your child practices his/her facts. These facts should be memorized! Some strategies to help your child move quicker are: fold the page in half (vertical or horizontal), find the problems he/she knows first, or students can use a blank piece of paper to help him/her focus during the assessment. If the child asks, I will provide him/her with a piece of blank paper. :-)

Birthdays: If your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday, please contact be so we can set up a date to celebrate! See my eBoard for more details.

Homework: Please review your child’s homework. If your child has difficulty on homework, please write a note on their homework or circle the problems that were troublesome.

Box Tops: If you have any box tops, 3L would be happy to submit them with our class collection!

Student Logins: If students forget their Journeys Textbook, it can be accessed through think central.com. Students have logins and passwords in the front of their Agendas. EDM Home Links can be accessed through everydaymathonline.com. The login information is also in the front of your child's planner book. My eBoard has additional information on logging in under the Language Arts and Math tabs.

Central Events: September and October

Central Events: September and October

Monday, October 12 Columbus Day (regional holiday)

Tuesday, October 13 9:00 am Parent Visitation

Wednesday, October 14 1:00 pm Parent Visitation and Central School PTA Meeting 7:30 pm

Tuesday, October 20 3:30pm Interim Report Cards Available Online for Grades

Thursday, October 22 6:00 pm Central School Fashion Show

Friday, October 30 1:45 pm Central School Halloween Parade

Saturday, October 31 Halloween

Specials This Week

Monday is a Day 2:
  • Music

Tuesday is a Day 3:
  • Health and Gym

Wednesday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish

Thursday is a Day 5:

  • Library

Friday is a Day 6:

  • Art

Guest Read Aloud Schedule

**Hard copies came home Monday!


  • Jennifer Cittadini Wednesday, October 14 @ 2:40
  • Beth Wassall Wednesday, October 21 @ 2:40
  • Nicole Ventrella Tuesday, October 27 @ 2:40


  • Emmie Goldenbaum-Cook Thursday, November 12 @ 2:40
  • Mia Levine or Eric Huebl: Friday, November 20 @ 2:40
  • Jennifer Baker Monday, November 23 @ 2:40


  • Stefanie Kist: Wednesday, December 2 @ 2:40


  • Jeff Tucker Tuesday, January 5 @ 2:40
  • Susan Gordon: Tuesday, January 12 @ 2:40
  • Jennifer Grega : Friday, January 22 @ 2:40


  • Robin Landis: Friday, February 5 @ 2:40
  • Dori Shields: Monday, February 22 @2:40
  • Barbara Cavacini: Thursday, February 25 @ 2:40


  • Heather Tucker: Friday, March 4 @ 2:40
  • Debbie Wolschina: Friday, March 11 @ 2:40
  • Shannon Simkus: Tuesday, March 29 @ 2:40


  • Sara Blackburn: Tuesday, April 5 @ 2:40
  • Sharon Dominco: Wednesday, April 13 @ 2:40


  • Mary Beth Smith: Tuesday,May 10 @ 2:40


  • Carol Cox: Friday, June 10 @ 2:40

Star of the Week Schedule

Student and Date:

1. Natalie Sept. 28-Oct.2 (completed)

2. Diego October 5-9 (completed)

3. Katie October 12-16

4. Isaiah October 26-30

5. Blair November 9-13

6. Caden November 16-20

7. Nathan November 30-Dec. 4

8. Eliza January 4-8

9. Caroline January 11-15

10. Bryson January 25-29

11. Vienna February 1-5

12. Luca February 8-12

13. Dayne February 22-26

14. Libby February 29-Mar.4

15. Derrick March 7-11

16. Lindsey March 14-18

17. Diana March 29- April 1

18. Molly April 4-8

19. Liam April 11-15

20. Elena April 25-29

21. William May 2-6

22. Joey May 16-20

23. Christopher June 6-10

Poet of the Week Schedule

Student and Date:

1. Libby Friday, October 2 (completed)

2. Liam Friday, October 9 (completed)

3. Diana Friday, October 16

4. Vienna Friday, October 30

5. Lindsey Friday, November 13

6. Derrick Friday, November 20

7. Molly Friday, December 4

8. Elena Friday, December 11

9. Natalie Friday, January 8

10. Joey Friday, January 15

11. William Friday, January 29

12. Isaiah Friday, February 12

13. Katie Friday, February 19

14. Christopher Friday, February 26

15. Blair Friday, March 4

16. Diego Friday, March 18

17. Caden Friday, April 1

18. Nathan Friday, April 15

19. Eliza Friday, May 6

20. Caroline Friday, May 13

21. Bryson Friday, May 27

22. Luca Friday, June 3

23. Dayne Friday, June 10