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Our memory potions come in two types and are made by the best potioneers around. You can either get a memory potion that's already on hand or you can get one that is made just for you! With just a strand of your hair we can make a potion that will be twice as strong as the type on the shelf! Twice the power equals twice the memories! No other shop around will brew up a memory potion specifically made for you. We are original and definitely different with very competitive prices. This amazing potion will give you greater access to memories stored in your long term memory and make it much easier to store new memories there!

Common side effects or allergies

To see if you are allergic or have adverse reactions, first take 5ml of the potion to determine whether its the best fit for you. After 24-48 hours if you feel nauseous, extra tired, vomiting, diarrhea, or lose consciousness please contact a healer immediately. These are signs you are having a bad reacion