All About Me

My hobbies and life "Objectives"

Who I am

  • Descriptive words; Funny, short, fast when wanting to, joking, skinny, gamer,hard worker, loud,& lazy.

Hobbies & Interest

1. I like to go into the downtown country side of Dallas and free run on the buildings and parking garages.

2. I like to go hunting with my grandfather on his land, we hunt Boars and deer when its in season.

3. I think of the way some machines work in the way that I stare at them watching them work.

Big Influences on me

One of my biggest influences on me is Ryan Doyle, he is one of the best parkourist in the in the country. He has made people want to be like him and I think of myself as one of them, as one of his many fans you would want to do things like him like taking the classes training to be a parkourist.

Favorite Book and movie

There isn't a favorite book for but there is a series and its call the fire series, a picture of the four first book are shown at the right side.

Lyric/Poem That suits me

This poem is about how a person feels as to a large task in the arts of Parkour. It shows how you you should be towards the jump.

Quote that fits me

This quote fits me because it shows how you train and train t get something achieved when you could just go for it.

The one trip that affected me.

The one trip that affected me was when i went to California, it was the time when I had my birthday coming up and we were going to California to celebrate there. By the time we were halve way, in Nevada, our car started to run out of gas and we were in the middle of the desert. We waited near the car for about 4 hours and all we did was talk to each other and lay around.