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By Ryan Whyte

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My review of Christopher Eccleston’s and David Tennant’s Doctor Who

The doctor is an alien from a different planet called Gallifrey; he travels with a time machine called the TARDIS. It’s a BBC science fiction television programme. Doctor Who has companions who tag along with him in time. The doctor has been to places like the past, the present and the future to correct the time stream, in the space continuum through the time vortex. The doctor says allons-y, it means in French’ let’s go’, the Doctor also has a device called the sonic screwdriver.

The doctor fights robots, monsters and bad people who are going to cause the timeline to incorrect itself; all he has to do is stop them in their tracks. Like Martha said, he had saved their lives so many times they never knew he was there. The Doctor has companions, they are: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith, K-9, Mickey Smith, Wilfred Mott and UNIT.

The monsters are: The beast, Abzorbalof, the Ood, Krillitane, Werewolf, Sycorax, Empross of Racnoss, Cybermen, Dalek, Sisters of plenitude, Clockwork men, the wire, slave pigs, Dalek sec hybrid, Judoon, the Master, scarecrow, Mother blootide and mother doomfinger, Weeping angles, Carrionite, Family of blood, Toclafane, Heavenly host, Adipose, Pyroviles, Sontaran, Hath, Vespiform, Vashta Nerada, Davros, Tritovores, the swarm, the flood of mars and a Shimmer. In the final episode the doctor says good bye to his companions, at Series 2 of Doctor who the Sycorax chopped the doctor’s hand off but he also grew a new hand with his regeneration cycle.

So the places the Doctor and Rose Tyler have been are: New New York, Scotland in 1879, an abandoned spaceship which contains a time window, parallel earth in a parallel universe, London in 1953, and a base attaching to orbit the black hole and London neighbourhood in 2012. Finally they are returned home back to see her mother, Jackie Tyler’s place. Unfortunately in a shocking moment the void separated Rose and the doctor forever because Rose got sucked in but Pete Tyler saved her and teleported them back to the parallel world where she belongs, Rose is now trapped in the Parallel world forever.

In the Christmas special, the Doctor is still upset from the loss of Rose Tyler but there is a woman with a wedding dress in the TARDIS called Donna Noble, but the Doctor needed to find a way to get Donna back to the wedding where she should be on Christmas day. But after the case of the Racnoss, Mr Saxon was ordered to destroy the Racnoss ship. The doctor and Donna part ways and the doctor will see her again. At series 3 of Doctor Who, the doctor met the medical student Martha Jones at London hospital, in a real turn of events the rain goes up and send the entire building to the moon, the doctor and Martha took a look if it has air outside but as it turns there is a force field, even more surprising, the alien ships approaching to a hospital called Judoon.

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