Recreational Therapist

Kyla's Career Path

What do Recreational Therapists do?

They use different methods to help their patients reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and function in the outside world. Recreational therapists usually work with people with mental illness or disabilities. Some of the methods used are arts, games, and sports.

What to know about Recreational Therapists


- Joining clubs in high school that teach to help in the community

- Bachelors degree in recreational therapy or a related field

- Recreation Therapy programs include classes

  • assessment
  • human anatomy
  • medical and psychiatric terminology
  • characteristics of illness and disabilities
  • the use of assistive devices and technology

- Certifiction from the NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification

Job Enviroment & Description

-Recreational therapists work in different places such as

  • private practices
  • parks and recreation departments
  • day care programs
  • hospitals
  • substance abuse centers

- Recreational Therapists have the following duties

  • assessment
  • reducing stress and depression in a patient
  • help his/her patient adjust to the outside word


The salary of a recreational therapist varies from place to place however,

- the median wages: 39,440

- the highest 10%: 62,710

- the lowest 10%: 24,510

- the middle 50%: 31,050 - 50,370

About Me

Hi! I'm Kyla a high school freshman planning to pursue the career of a recreational therapist. I chose this career because I want to help others and make a change in their lives. Recreational therapy can be life changing. I think I'll do great in this career because I can empathize with others, and problem solve.