Cedar Grove Update

January 10, 2017

Our Partnership With You!

The faculty and staff at Cedar Grove works tirelessly each day to grow our students academically and to instill strong character traits that will take them far in life. We constantly seek to learn new strategies and implement new ideas to ensure our students feel valued, to find ways that all students can learn in the way that works for them, and to work alongside parents and families so that the home/school relationship is a strong one. We take our jobs seriously and will do whatever it takes to build successful learners and children. Our doors are always open if you have concerns or questions. Thank you for your continued support of our school and your trust in us as we work with your children.

Any questions about Title One? I am always available if needed. Title one plans were distributed at the last meeting. It is on our website as well if you did not attend the meeting to receive a copy.

Second Nine Weeks House Party

We are winding down the nine weeks with earning house points. As of Friday afternoon, Isibindi was in the lead. Students continue to work hard every day and earn points by following school rules, using good manners, being a good friend, etc. We can't wait to see which house will have the most points and earn the house party at Burton Entertainment Center January 21st.

The Great Amazing Shake

Students have been practicing essentials since August. The essentials have focused on having a strong hand shake when meeting/greeting others, making eye contact when speaking, using manners at all times, and having strong conversational skills. On January 22nd, one student from each homeroom in grades 3-5 will be chosen to participate in an interview/conversation with five adults from our community. From this, one student will be named the winner of The Great Amazing Shake. Students in grades K-2 are practicing these essentials as well and will participate in this event when they reach grade 3. We are so excited about The Great Amazing Shake!


Attendance and being on time each day is so very important to a child's success in school. Please make sure your child is at school and on time each day as long as they are not sick. Please help us also by scheduling doctor's appointments after school if you are able. Children miss important lessons if they are not in class. Thank you for making every minute in the school day count!


Melvin Lane is one way from 7:30-8:00 and 2:30-3:30. Please remember to not turn down Melvin Lane during this time due to the flow of traffic and many "almost" head on collisions. Also, if your child is a car rider, please wait until we pull you over before you move into the inside lane. We pull kindergarten parents over first and then pull cars over in a fair fashion. We never want anyone to pull ahead of cars who have been waiting as it is unfair. We always work to get cars in and out in the fastest way possible.

Please also help us in the mornings by pulling all the way down past the front door. This helps the car circle to move quickly. Thank you for your help in keeping our car circle moving in a safe and fast manner.

Entering Our School

In order to enter our school past the office, you must have your license with you in order to scan them through our School Check In System. We ask that you have your license each time you want to enter regardless if you enter our school multiple times. We will always work to ensure our children's safety and this is one way to do so. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to follow this rule.

Report Cards Issued January 22nd