Secondary Update

Monday 8 May 2015

Congratulations Maura who was recently recognised for co-authoring an international Library Journal article last year. Entitled "Keeping ahead of the curve: Academic librarians and continuing professional development in Ireland" - Maura and her co-author were "Highly Commended" as their paper was "one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen in 2014".

... to Michael who has been invited to author a paper for the IB in Diploma Design. This is a great achievement for Michael being relatively new to the DP and obviously speaks to the esteem in which he is held.

Both great achievements personally and professionally for two of our colleagues - well done to you both from all of us!!

Thank you...

... to Susie, Amanda and Madeleine for their preparation leading up to the HEO review last week. The student survey responses as I was told were unique in an ESF context and were a great reflection of the style and passion that the team bring to their work. Looking forward to the report which we expect before the summer.

... to everyone for their role in producing our wonderful graduating cohort for this year. As I tried to allude to in my words on Wednesday "MYP to DP, LGF to the pool, one year or seven, teachers and support staff, present and past", - hard to single out anyone who deserves more thanks as it is such a team effort. So again, to you all, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to make their story the best it could be.

... for a smooth Y12 exam session. It is noticeable the naivety that our kids entered these exams with, as compared the Y13. Not unusual and I'm sure the Y13 were like that last year too. We are however intending to run the Y11 exams next year in exactly the same format so the kids get that extra taste of the situation. I thought Henrique summed it up when on Day 2 (of 5), he said to the exam invigilator before they started "Are you going to read those boring instructions again? - they take so long!!"

From Y7 to Y13 - it's been a great ride!

I loved the picture below but did not have early photos for Leticia, Giuliano and Elya
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End of Year Staff Dinner

Please support this event as we are trying something new this year. Gill, Pat, Mandy, Helen and Debbie deserve our support, for their efforts to make this an all-encompassing evening for staff.

Grab your crew and 'pay together' - it will be a good night and a great way to end the week.

Have a great day and week =)