We want YOU to help plan a workshop

FOKAL Summit 2013: Keynote Address by Sue Polanka

Would you like to help plan a workshop for the 2013 FOKAL Summit?

eBooks play an increasingly important role in the future of academic library collections. Towards that end, the keynote speaker for the 2013 FOKAL Summit is Sue Polanka, author of No Shelf Required.

The FOKAL Executive Committee extends invitations to academic librarians in the state to participate in the planning of a workshop following the keynote address. One goal of this workshop is to generate a call to action developed by attendees, to be shared with FOKAL library directors in order to shape our responses and adoption of the eBook format. Please notify Anne Abate (anne@librarydiscountnetwork.com) if you are interested in helping put together an exciting workshop for your colleagues in the state.