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Capital: Quito

Population: 15,654,411



-Their president is Rafael Correa

Currency: The official currency for Ecuador is the U.S. dollar

National Anthem: "Salve, Oh Patria"

Ecuadorian National Anthem - "Salve, Oh Patria" (ES/EN)
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The flag of Ecuador uses colors from the banner of Gran Columbia (the South America republic that broke up in 1830)

Yellow: sunshine, grain, mineral wealth

Blue: sky, sea, rivers

Red: blood of patriots spilled in struggle for freedom and justice


Continent: South America

The country of Ecuador also includes the Galapagos Islands, the Cotopaxi Volcano (active), and the Chimborazo Volcano.

Natural Resources: Petroleum, fish, timber, hydro power

Natural Disasters: floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides

Cultural Activities

Ecuadorian Folkloric Ballet: 3 hours of colorful costumes, and traditional dancing! You'll also learn about special Ecuadorian traditions.

Old Town: This center of the city is full of street vendors and gives you a good look into the daily life of an Ecuadorian citizen.

Lagoon: Between two beaches is a beautiful lagoon that is the perfect place to see marvelous wading birds in such a peaceful environment.


Sights to See