Macquarie Island

Made by: Kevin Nguyen


Macquarie island is home to 2 seal, 1 sea-lion 4 penguin and a 1 Albatross types.
On Macquarie island has a fur seal species as well as elephant seals, sea-lions, King penguins, Royal penguins, Gentoo penguins, rock-hopper penguins and a albatross species. The fur seal is called that because of its fur coat covering its thick layer of fat. The elephant seal on the other hand has a trunk that look as if it's an elephants also its size is massive too. The sea-lion is like a lion so it's dangerous but is a under water species.

Buildings and structures

The station on Macquarie Island is built on a narrow strip of land (also called the isthmus) at the northern end of the island. The sleeping quarters, mess, surgery, stores and powerhouse buildings are located at the Wireless Hill at the northern end of the isthmus. Most of the scientist huts are build ON the isthmus. Four accommodation buildings are located within the station compound at the northern end of the isthmus.
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Scientist Huts