Technical Director/Manager

By: Sunny Singh

What are the basic skills required on the job?

You need to be coordinated, a critical thinker, and be able to make good judgments and decisions. You also need to be good at time management and complex problem solving.

What types of activities are done on the job?

You will monitor the broadcast to make sure it meets regulations, assign jobs, trains workers, and tests equipment.

What are the working conditions and physical demands?

You will be working mostly in a studio and need to have good vision, good oral and written comprehension, and be able to use deductive reasoning.

What are the work hours and travel?

You usually works for 8 hours a day but sometimes the job requires you to stay late to finish up work, and does not require travel much.

What are the educational requirements of the job?

The exact requirement are varied for each company but you need to have an understanding of all safety procedures and proper use of tools, and also need to be able to accurately estimate budgets and schedule meetings.

There is a 38% of respondents to a Bachelor’s degree.

What is the national average annual wage for this job?

Your national average annual wage is $71,350 annually.

What is the average annual wage for this job in Texas?

Your average wage in Texas is $41,400 annually

What is the average hourly wage for this job in Texas?

The average hourly wage in Texas is $19.89.

What is the future outlook for this job?

The projected growth is slower than average of about 3%to 7% and the projected job openings are 37,900.
Technical Director

Additional Information- Types of Technical Directors

There are many types of Technical Directors, some of them are:

Lighting TD's (the most popular use of the word) are the artists who light and render 3D scenes.

Character TD's are responsible for rigging a character with a skeleton, clothing, hair, and deformation controls.

Shader TD's write and adjusts shaders to determine the appearance of models, and prepare objects to be painted by the texture painters.


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