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Gizmodo’s Guide to Getting a Liberal Arts Education for Free on the Internet

George McGovern (RIP) on Hunter Thompson and “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail”

Introducing the Flannery O’Connor Soundboard. (Don’t miss her reading of“A Good Man Is Hard to Find”)

What Makes An Airtight Argument? Find Out in Oxford’s “Critical Reasoning for Beginners” (Added to our list of 540 Free Online Courses.)

Filming Locations of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest in NYC, Then & Now. (Find Free Hitchcock Films here.)

Georges Méliès’s Robinson Crusoé Film Resurfaces in Pordenone

Timothy Leary’s Prison Correspondence with Carl Sagan. Plus Video from His Prison Stay

Eudora Welty’s Letter of Application to The New Yorker, 1933

Why George Lucas Is the Greatest Artist of Our Time by Camille Paglia

Discover the World Largest Online Shipwreck Database

Huge Franz Kafka Archive to be Made Public

The Distance of the Moon: Beautiful Short Film Based on the Italo Calvino Classic

Johnny Depp Starts a Publishing Imprint, Releasing Books on Bob Dylan & Woody Guthrie

David Cameron Reads Moby-Dick. Part of a Big Moby Dick Reading Project

Early Drafts Reveal How Cormac McCarthy’s Masterpiece, “Blood Meridian,” Was Born

Ignore the Past at Your Peril. Venice Fell & Why America Could Too

Udacity Announces 4 New Courses with Industry Leaders. Now Open for Enrollment! (Added to our list of Free Online Certificate Courses.)

The Only Existing Photo of Queen Victoria on Her Deathbed (January 1901)

Famous Architects Dressed as Their Buildings (1931)

Never-Before-Seen Photos of the Rolling Stones Found at a Flea Market

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