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June 2017 Newsletter

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The summer solstice falls on Wednesday, June 21, at 12:24 A.M.

Oh, boy. We all know what this means. For most of us it's BBQs, swimming, vacations, and family time! But for horse people, it's mud, intense heat, storms, rain rot, Florida sores, thrush and overheated riders. But don't panic! We have some great tips to get you and your horse through the heat!
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For the People,

You should avoid exposure to extreme heat, sun exposure, and high humidity when possible. When these exposures cannot be avoided, take the following steps to prevent heat stress:

  • Wear light-colored, loose-fitting, breathable clothing such as cotton.
  • Avoid non-breathing synthetic clothing.
  • Gradually build up to heavy work.
  • Schedule heavy work during the coolest parts of day.
  • Take more breaks in extreme heat and humidity.
  • Take breaks in the shade or a cool area when possible.
  • Drink water frequently. Drink enough water that you never become thirsty. Approximately 1 cup every 15-20 minutes. Remember the 1 to 3 rule. One Gatorade or other electrolyte drink to every three waters.
  • Coconut water is a great hydrator!
  • Hydration starts at home! Don't start worrying when you are already feeling sick. Drink all the time.
  • Avoid drinks with large amounts of caffeine or sugar.
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And for the Ponies,


Use a suitable water bucket to frequently offer fresh, cool, clean water. Average size work horses can consume over 25 gallons of water per day when the temperature is above 70°F. Also, keep water troughs and stock tanks clean and free from insects to promote consumption.


Reduce protein! Do not give additional grain in the summer. Grain has protein; metabolizing protein causes the animal’s temperature to rise. If your horse drops weight in the summer add more hay.


Like humans, horses use sweating as a way to cool off during periods of warm weather and while exercising. When a horse sweats, not only is water lost, but important electrolytes like sodium, chloride and potassium are lost. If too many electrolytes are lost serious problems like fatigue, muscle cramps and horse colic can occur. Replenish salt loss during excessive sweating with a suitable electrolyte supplement, especially with work horses or when the combined temperature and humidity exceeds 140°F. Know how to spot when your horse is dehydrated. It’s easy—do a “pinch test.” Pinch your horse’s skin between your thumb and index finger and then let go. If the skin stays pinched for more than a second, she’s probably dehydrated and she needs to drink water right away.


Always supply your horse with salt blacks she can lick it when she likes. Salt is an essential mineral that a horse loses when she sweats. A horse may sweat a lot in the summer, especially when she’s ridden, so she must be able to lick a salt block whenever she wants. You can buy salt blocks at the feed store.


Sponge/ spray cool water over your horse, especially down the large blood vessels under the belly and neck and inside the legs. In extreme heat, spray the horse and scrape the water because the water next to his skin will heat up, then repeat until your horse is cool.

More Tips Next Newsletter!

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Ladie's Tea and Roundtable (Please RSVP)

Sunday, June 11th, 1:30-4pm

6551 Orange Drive

Davie, FL

This will be a fun, casual experience with tea and sandwiches, a small silent auction and updates on the state of the rescue and the planned future.

We would love to hear some fresh ideas from our volunteers and supporters. What would you like to see? How can you help? How can we make the rescue more accessible especially to women?

RSVP via text or call to Laura at 954-290-2395

Don't Forget June 4, 2017 Bingo for The Horses!

Bingo At Four Corners Bingo, North Powerline Road, Pompano Beach, FL, United States, 10:30.

Four Corners Bingo is one of our biggest supporters! Not only do they donate monthly but this amazing place holds this fundraiser for us which helps tremendously and is a great time for all! Join us for brunch, bingo, laughs, win money and help us raise funds for the rescue! You could be the big winner!

Peaceful Ridge Rescue

Peaceful Ridge Rescue, Davie, Florida, is a Non-Profit Organization that provides much needed medical and dental care, rehabilitation, and adoption services for rescued horses. Our mission is to rescue horses from neglect, abuse, abandonment, and slaughter; to improve their lives by providing a safe haven for healing and rehabilitation; to find a home for every horse, through a rigorous adoption process, sponsor and foster program; and to educate the community through instructional support, and equine-assisted programs. Please take the time to donate and help a rescue horse eat and receive medical care for another week or month.