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Did you Know?

Did you know that kindergarten students are reading dynamic dog books and are excited to "check out" a book each week?

Did you know that grade one students are exploring books by the author Mem Fox? They loved visiting Australia "virtually" and listening to Mem Fox reading about koalas.

Did you know that second graders are using the new technology lab to research insects? They are also reading the book Year of the Book to explore story elements. All grade two students will have the opportunity to share book talks in the winter.

Did you know that third grade students are terrific "techies?" They are working in the technology lab each week. Third graders are also comparing and contrasting the original version of Pinocchio and the Disney version in celebration of the school play.

Did you know that Nayatt students love visiting the library each week to read, research, explore and discover?

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Bertoncini "The Library Lady"

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