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Engrade Trick of the Trade: Adding Comments

To add overall student comments, open a class and then click on the COMMENT tab from the left hand tool bar. Then write in overall student comments.

Comments you might enter:

  • Attendance hinders ability to assess mastery of content
  • Student is on Unit __ of APEX course and is/is not on pace to complete the course.
  • Work habits that support learning are:
  • Work habits that are hindering from learning are:
  • Student could re-do or complete ------- to improve grade.

As Mr. Wikes mentioned, this feature is very helpful for RNR students who will go to meetings prior to the close of the quarter. Ms. Whiten can gave you a hand - she's a pro.

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Formative Assessment Idea: Four Corners

Set up four corners in the learning space. In each corner have leveled questions, problems, or ratings posted. Have students migrate to the corner where they want to respond orally or in writing the the posted prompt. Use this method at start of class for pre-assessment, mid-class for check-in, or end of class so students can report out what they know. Don't want the kids to get up - use the placemat option of four corners, allowing students to choose based on mastery or comfort with the topic.
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Rosdale Library Summer Reading

The Rosedale Branch of BCPL is in need of student volunteers for the summer reading club, and they dropped off the applications today.

Students must be in grades 7-10 in Fall of 2016, commit to one of two orientation sessions, and fill a 1.5 to 2 hour shift per week. They must work a minimum of 10 hours to receive any service learning hours.

If you know of any interested students, please let Heather Jennings know and she will put the applications in your mailbox. Completed applications must be returned to her by April 8 so that she can get them to BCPL by the 4/10 deadline.

As soon as she gets the summer reading program registration materials, Heather will let you know so that we can get kids registered.

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Anonymous thank yous for the people who make the week a little brighter!

To Mr. Green for being so organized and efficient.

To Ms. Moretz for the outstanding job you do on a daily basis.

To Laurie and Lou for scheduling stuff in Suzanne's absence.

To David Green for keeping me on point with TABCO and Faculty Council.

To Christina Sutt for keeping up with all the lamination requests.

To Carole Mousdale for assisting students day after day in APEX.

To Kim Duggins for treating students with integrity and helping them be successful.

To Cassandra for doing a great job with orientation and the focus room!

To Ms. Vasold for assisting with bureaucratic paperwork!

To Ms. TK for coming to work even when you're not feeling well.

To Ms. Potter for all the planning and organization put into our incentive program.