WAIT!!! where is that??

come visit the amazing Texas!!! by: Gabriela lopez

Just the facts!!

The name Texas came from the Indian word tejas which means happiness and friendship,therefore Texas is called the friendly state! Each settler in Texas gets 4,000 acres of land!! have you ever heard people say " Everything is bigger in Texas!"? Its true everything is bigger in Texas, the land , the food, the variety of animals and plants, and so much more!

Routes that can be taken

  • route 66
  • i-35
  • i-10
  • i-45


Supplies needed to survive and prosper

Texas history!!

  • 1820- the Mexican government gives Stephen f Austin a grant. Stephen f Austin began colonizing the region the Brazos river.
  • 1836- about 400 Texans along with James Fanning were executed during the Goliad Massacre, ruled by Santa Anna
  • 1840- the Comanches challenged the Texas Republic which lead to The Battle of Plum Creek and ended in the boldest and penetrating Comanche challenge to the Texas Republic.
  • 1901- the discovery of "black gold" lead Texas into a century of oil exploration, electronics, and manned space travel.]
  • 2008- Barack Obama elected president of the U.S
Reasons to settle Texas

  • Texas has mountains, basins rivers,platues, parries, and much more!
  • Great soil!
  • Abundance of water!
  • Great variety of plants and animals!