Percy Jackson: The Titans Curse

By: Rick Riordan

Summary of the Book:

When Percy, Annabeth and Thalia respond to Grover's distress call, they are told that their are 2 half-blood children, Bianca and Nico Di Angelo, that they need to take back to Camp Half-Blood. He says a Manticore posing as a teacher has spotted them as well and wants to take them. While they are trying to escape the Manticore tells Percy the Great Stirring is starting, warning that one will even bring down Olympus. Artemis and her Hunters help them escape, but not without the Manticore taking Annabeth and disappearing. Artemis leaves to go and find the Monster that could take down Olympus and leaves her second in command, Zoe Nightshade, in charge.The Oracle of Delph, a Mummy, tells the Camp Leaders a prophecy and send Zoe, Thalia, Bianca, Phoebe (another Hunter), Grover on a quest to find Annabeth. Percy goes against the Camp Leaders request due to his loyalty to Annabeth. When they find Artemis she is under the sky where Atlas is supposed to be, Annabeth is there next to Luke and the army of Kronos is gathering. Atlas, Luke and some of there Monsters start to fight Percy, Thalia, Grover, Zoe. Percy ends up taking the Sky from Artemis and she pushes Atlas back under it and free's Percy. Atlas kills his daughter, Zoe. And Luke falls of a cliff. Thalia joins the Hunters, Grover leaves to search for his Master, and the Gods, throw a party for Percy and his friends. That's the end of the book.
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