I have committed crimes,but this...


Who are we ?

Prisoners during the 19th century were very unlucky due to poor living conditions there.Prisoners were filthy and over crowded and that contributated the spread of common diseases, prisoners also had to pay in order to stay in prison ,they also had to provide thier food.

The government want to spend the least amount of money on prisoners ,so they would give prisoners dirty water which caused I'll health ,at this time 25% of prisoners died in prisoners each year.The prisoners also were prohibited for talking to each other and if the guards or security would find out the prisoners would be hardly punished.Also family were allowed to visit only twice a year but this happened after 1815.

With this harsh stuff going in prisoners,which brings us to Zebulon Brockway the first person whom his idea was not to punish them but to give them advice to help them become better people. Collectively these ideas are called Zebulon Brockway's "New Penology".Which brings me to what I want to tell you that we should help this people we all know they are criminals ,but what if that is your mom or dad in prison would you like to live in those conditions.Knowing that you go to jail and have a risk of being killed or died of a disease which you have the power to prevent right now.We have to put our self in those criminals shoes and think and feel on how they are suffering and yes we know that maybe they should thought of what they were going to do twice but hey nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes just in different ways.So what I am offering you today to join the progressives ,our purposes are not put Zebulon Brockway's ideas into action.

Why donate ?

One good reason you should donate to this moventment is to help and make a better living conditions for the prisoners as I emanated before maybe you disagree with what they did and think they deserved it but we deserve a second chanse.Not only by donating are you helping the prisoners but your also helping educators come and help this people to a better person them selves.It's like your giving them guidance but without you teaching them ,funny humm.Anyways maybe thinking if it was you in thier place,whould you like it there,maybe thinking of that can help you know that helping with money can make a great change in thier life.If you would like to donate a large amount of money ,we will give you back half of the money and take you on a tour to the Emila Reformatory after it is finished.If you would like to donate a good or small amour of money we will also take your on a special tour around Emila Reformatory after it has its inmates and it's used for the first day.

How are we doing this ?

Our plans for a change

The way were going to help our people in prison live in better conditions ,we are going to create juvenile courts and prisons.Another way we can help cotritube to help make differences and living in jails is by helping develop Emila Reformation ,which would be a jail bases on the ideas of Zebulon on how to help prisons be a better place ,we would also convenience educators about reform convictions.

So your probably wondering where can I donate money or why should I donate money.Honesly you should donate your money to Elima Reformation to help create a jail that will have crimals living in better conditions but also to help keep educators coming to help crimals with special classes to help them be a better person.What we have so far is people in our reformation talking to educators to join us and spread the word about how crimals live and how they can change so when they come out they are a better person themselves.

What's next ?

In year 1876 Zebulon Brockway had appomplished and established the Elima system which was named after Elima Reformatory.To this system Brockway added a new regimen of moral, physical, and vocational training. The Elmira system classified and separated various types of prisoners, gave them individualized treatment emphasizing vocational training and industrial employment, used indeterminate sentences, rewarded good behaviour, and paroled inmates under supervision.

Another important person

Dorothea Did fought for the improvement of Massachttes and New Jersey prisons. She found out the necessity of prison reform when she went to the East Cambridge Jail with her Sunday school. The crimals were living in inhumane conditions, they lived in unsanitary and unheated cells. Dorothea Dix requested government help in her attempts to reform prisons and help the mentally ill. In 1835 Dix asked for the government to lend 12 millions acres of land to establish institutions to help the insane and vision, hearing, and speech impaired. This was vetoed by the president, Franklin Pierce. She later raised money herself to establish over 50 hospitals, one of them was the Trenton State Hospital in New Jersey.

How to spread the word?

The reformation of prisons wasn't well know back them but a way I would spread the word to help raise for this moventment would be with a note on the newspaper ,make it big and intersting.Another media I could use can be Facebook make a page for it and have people add me and make a status on how everything is going day by day,same for Twitter.

What if...

Your biggest mistake is not help and donate and go jail and experience it yourself.