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  • the ability of a custom the obtain good or services before payment based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.
  • it is important to have good credit because it shows that you are a responsible person and you keep up with your credit score.
  • if you have good credit you can get a lower cost on your house and car

3 habits shows credit risk

Funny animated commercial : Medicine for credit card debt (parody) - Episode 7
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credit score

  • A credit score is a number that strongly indicates to lenders and creditors how likely you are to pay back the debt you owe, based on your past borrowing behavior.
  • credit score is important because Your credit score is used to determine whether you can get credit for things like.

good credit score

  • The most widely known type of score is a FICO score.
  • your score different scores are calculated in different ways.


  • we improve your score by paying our bills on time keep a low balances on your credit cards.

maintain credit

  • limit your applications on new credit card.