Tampa, Flordia

tampa bay

Loction~ Where is it?

Tampa is on the west coast of flordia. Near the gulf of mexico. Its about 18 mins from brandon.

Place~ What is it like?

  • big city lots of people live their (352,957)
  • One of the most raining places of USA
  • brush gardens is in tampa other with alot of other things to do.

movement~push and pull factors

  • (push) A lot of people live in tampa
  • (pull) close to the beach
  • (pull) nice place to live
  • (push) its a city u might to live in the county

human/enionment interation~what is the relationship between haman and nature?

In tampa people have an impack on the area. They put a down town area. Lots of resteronts, Lots of nice place to shop in. They have nice hotells to stay in.

Region~how is it connceted to place around it

It is conneted be the bay of tampa. Flordia not just tampa ship oranges to a lot of different placees around the world.