Summer Reading

Salem's Lot by Stephen King


Ben Mears, the protagonist, returns home after 25 years to write a book about a mansion that haunted his childhood in his home town Jerusalem's Lot, Maine. only this time when he came home after 25 years it was different. this time there was a vampire outbreak and they have taken over the town. After two brothers went missing and died and became vampires and started the outbreak. Ben, Susan Norton, Matt Burke, Ben's doctor Jimmy Cody, Mark Petrie and the local priest Father Callahan, try to stop the outbreak. Ben faces one of the hardest decisions of his life when he is forced to kill the love of his life Susan when she becomes a vampire. Ben and Mark are were lucky to survive and destroy the vampire uprising leader while most weren't as lucky to make it out alive. Ben and Mark were forced to leave the town to the leaderless vampires left in the town.
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Character Analysis

Ben Mears, was a writer who grew up in Jerusalem's lot, Maine, returns home after 25 years.his wife was killed in a motorcycle accident where he wasnt harmed at all.when he returns home he meets the love of his life Susan Norton, a college graduate, and becomes in a relationship with him. Ben later will be forced to make the most challenging decision of his life when he was forced to kill the love of his life after she was turned into a vampire.
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Throughout the novel the theme of belief or believing comes into play. Belief that belief destroys and protects some of the characters throughout the novel. the ones who believe the most were the ones who had the power to ward off the vampires. this leads the theme that Belief either leads to the characters life or death.
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Stephen King does a good job on characterization in this novel. for example as he described the priest "The village priest was an old man with white hair and

a face seamed into a net of wrinkles. His eyes peered

out of his sun-beaten face with surprising life and

avidity. They were blue eyes, very Irish." this makes a good visual of how the priest looks and helps the reader picture him.

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The overall novel was good. Stephen King is known for his novels to be violent and intense and this one didn't fall short. over scary and page turning book. Stephen King did a good job developing the characters and there roles in the book. overall it was a very good book and i would recommenced it to people.
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