STAAR Test Maker

Super easy way to build a customized assessment!

Self-paced Training

The following Info-Smore will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. It is a generalized overview of the STAAR Test Maker program. It is used in classes across the district.

Remember, use your professional judgments regarding the rigor of these assessment items. As you will learn throughout the video, items can be changed or customized to help with distractors and cognitive levels.

What About STAAR Test Maker?

When you need to know what your students know…

Use STAAR Test Maker – and be in the know.

  • 65,000+ rigorous, predictive items
  • Available and affordable for all districts
  • ALL items written to assess all the latest TEKS
  • Transadapted Spanish for grades 1-5
  • Covers all STAAR-tested subjects and grades (and much more!)

A few notes before you watch the videos below:

1. We don't use their scanner. Click no for this option.

2. It is easy to make changes as you go along in the platform.

3. Always preview it before you print it.

4. Can save the test in the platform, but has not always been as user friendly as we would like...keep a hard copy.

5. You cannot rely on the Bloom's leveling of this or any commercial product. Teachers know what level questions are based on their teaching and quality of reviews.

6. Lexiles are leveled with Metametrics...this is a good thing!

7. Graphics can be a little blurry due to resolutions. Monitor for student readability.

8. All assessments are common for each 9 weeks. Make sure you share copies if you make the test on STAAR Test Maker.

9. Questions remain in the system once you use them. They move to the bottom of the selections.

10. The second video has a few specific details for Hudson. Changes are made each year.

STAAR Test Maker: How To Create A Test | Progress Testing

HUDSON ISD -Generalized Video

This video is more specific to what we use here in Hudson. If you need additional information regarding this program, please contact our office at your earliest convenience.
Brief overview for Math STAAR Test Maker

What do we know about STAAR Test Maker?

Progress Testing

For more than 17 years, Progress Testing has consistently brought together a staff of outstanding content specialists who represent more than 100 years of assessment and item-development experience within our company. We are specialists in state-specific item banks for core subjects, having developed market-leading banks for Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Now used in more than 300 Texas districts, STAAR Test Maker’s living item bank is constantly refreshed and updated. Progress Testing’s highly trained Item Development Team carefully analyzes all information released by the Texas Education Agency about the TEKS, the STAAR, and all things assessment. Our team then applies this knowledge to curate and grow the item bank.

We perform these analyses constantly to make sure our item bank is always up to date, and we pay very careful attention to the feedback we receive from our teachers and assessment specialists to guide us in our continued development of our living STAAR Test Maker item bank.

Our methodology ensures that our items aligned to the TEKS and the STAAR in format, wording, and rigor.

Hudson ISD - Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Suzanne Stroud - Administrative Assistant for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment