Queen Elizabeth the 1st

By: Alysah R. Koch


Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Her life was trouble since she was born. Elizabeth was a great leader. In this story you will learn about. Early life, learning, and becoming queen.

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Early Life

Elizabeth was born september 7,1533 . But Elizabeth’s mother died when she was 3. Then Elizabeth’s father got remarried. Elizabeth was so excited she finally had a sister.


Elizabeth got older so she had to go to school. But she did not actually go to school. She was totaled . She was really good at language and music. Elizabeth's father died when she was 12.

Becoming Queen

In the beginning she was not the queen. Her sister was. Then her sister died. So Elizabeth had to take the reins. So she had a coronation and became the queen of England .

Last days

Elizabeth blew her last breath March 24, 1603. Everyone said she was a great leader. Plus the longest running queen. I hope queen Elizabeth inspired you.

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