Twedt Times

May 6th

Artist in Residence

This past week, the class had the privilege to spend time with artist Chesney Snow, an extraordinary beatboxer! The learned some simple beatboxing techniques, learned how to conduct a beat, and then watched as some students participated in a beatbox battle. I know they had a ton of fun and that this experience will stick with them for a long time. Thank you PTO and the corporate sponsors who donated to making our Artist in Residency program possible!

Pizza Party Lunch!

Friday, April 28th the class was treated to a special lunch in honor of a successful finish to the Forward Exam and for doing a great job day in and day out earning coins. The pizza, popcorn, brownies, and juice were wonderful and I know they really appreciated it!

A special shoutout and thank you to Mrs. Opperman for donating supplies, pizzas, popcorn, brownies, and juice and to Mrs. Fjelstad for donating brownies as well. It was a deliciously fun celebration! THANK YOU!

Guest Speaker- Mr. Schwarz!

On Thursday, May 5th the class had a special guest, Michael's dad, come and speak about his work at Enbridge. If you didn't know, Enbridge is a company that owns several oil pipelines including ones that go from Canada to Illinois and.... right through Fort Atkinson! This was a great follow up to our unit on Renewable Energies and our interdependence on other energy sources because it's important to understand how much work goes into safely transporting crude oil to get it to refineries so that it can be made into gasoline and other petroleum products we use and need everyday.

A huge thank you to Mr. Schwarz for his time and knowledge as well as the donated pencils and flashlights that the kids loved getting!!

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Making Amazing Movenotes!

Have your child go to Google Classroom and show you their Movenote speech! They look great!