Flute Recital

4th quarter project

About Edmund J. Siennicki

Edmund J. Siennicki was born in 1920 and raised in Cleveland.As a professinal musician he played basson and piano. He compossed music.(example: Happy Song.)

Happy Song

Happy Song is a song about joy and happiness. It's by Edmund J. Siennicki.

A little about me.

Here are somethings about me.I like animals and school.My favorite thing is to do is to play different sports. I like to play outside and finally I love school.

The meaning of musical symbols

slur: play a notes without detached.

Mezzo Forte: To be preformed medium loud.

Piano: To be preformed softer.

Forte:To be preformed louder.

Crescendo: Changes the volume and gradually gets louder.

Decrescendo: Changes the volume and gradually gets softer.

Multiple Mesure Rest:

Allegretto: faster than andante but not so fast as allegro.

4/4: Four beats in a measure

A tempo: The rate of which a piece should be played.

Poco Rit: Gradually gets slower.

Stacato: shortend and detached from other notes.

Tenuto: play the note slightly louder.


My reflection is I liked doing this and learning about the Composer.One final thing is I liked learnig the music symbols.