Act 2 scenes 1-5

​scene 1

​Romeo, Mercurio, and Benvolio are leaveing the party. Romeo leaves the others to find Juliet and talk with her. Mercutio and Benvolio go look for Romeo but cant find him so they asume he has gone home. They however were not aware of Juliet's control over him.

​Scene 2

​Romeo finds but hides from Juliet who stairs from a balcony muttering about how she is in love with him. He hears her confession and decideds to reveal himself and they Agree to get married.

Scene 3

​Romeo goes and finds a priest. The priest agrees to do it but says it is a bad idea.

Scene 4

​Benvolio, Mercurio, and Romeo joke around about Romeos worry and panic for Roseline which is wrong because he actually loves Juliet.

Scene 5

​Juliet waits for the nurse and waits impatiently. The nurse comes but tries to doge her questions. The nurse finnaly answers her question and Juliet gets dressed and goes to the church.

Scene 6

They become married

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