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March 2014 Newsletter

Spring is here!

After what seemed to be the longest winter EVER, Spring has finally arrived! March was filled with exciting things--most of all-- our SPRING LAUNCH and new TAKE OUT MENU!

Once again, I was blown away by our new product line. The word of the season is definitely COLOR! Make sure to venture outside of your comfort zone in terms of style. If you always wear silver, why not try something new this month? Our new twist lockets are an awesome way to incorporate a pop of color. I hope everyone is loving our new earrings as much as I am! My favorites are the CZ studs with the pave hexagon halo--they are simply stunning!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and our jewelry truly is the perfect gift for the special women in our lives. My mom wears her gold locket with crystals as a memory locket for my brother who passed away six years ago this May. Don't ever underestimate the power behind our product line. The emotional connection people have with our jewelry is one of the reasons I love being a designer so much.

I hope your calendars are filled with Jewelry Bars as we celebrate one of our busiest seasons of the year! Here's to sunshine, happiness, love, family and success!



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We have lots of exciting incentives going on right now and a new Mother's Day Supplement that launched this week! Order your special {limited edition} pieces before they are gone for good!

March Superstars!

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Susan Keith

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Connie Richmond

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Sarah Anderson

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Anna Scaperrotta

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Dawn Donovan



Ashlie Fiallos



Lisa Rodriguez

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Wendy Womack



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Sandra Andrade

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Hillary Perryman


Tiffany Miller

Jeanette Adams-Vigil

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Lisa Rodriguez

Clara Lauffer

Clarissa Short

Nichole Orwan

Andria Boyle

Kristina & Sharon Fernandes

Jessica Diaz


Nicole Quistgard

Catherine Stillinger

Laura Larsen

Sandra Estrellado

Cindy Scobee

Susan Cunningham

Anna Scheer

Keara Pearson

Debbie Stanley

KImberly Lorenzo

Tessa Jansen

Rosie Boyts

Teria Lankford

Zonia Vesely

Jessica Franco

Angelina Trujillo

Brittney Roman

Shana Mann

Nicole Flores

Mary Waring

Melissa Leader

Alexandra Reyes

Jennifer Rowe

Kelly Flaugher

Caoline Lyons

Lauren & Ashley Hernandez

Victoria Barney

Caroline Estrada

Tamara Salley

Welcome New Designers!

194 new designers joined Team SHINE in March!


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