The First Super Bowl

by Donovan McCall


In January 15,1967 at Los Angeles, Cali at memorial coliseum. The first Super Bowl was played. It was created merger agreement between the NFL and AFL. Which they agreed that the champion from nfl and afl would play in the nfl and afl championship aka Super Bowl. The teams that played in the first super bowl was Green Bay(NFL) Chiefs(AFL). People believed that the team in the older NFL was vastly superior to any club in the upstart AFL.

The first half of the super bowl was competitive. Green Bay had less yards then Chiefs but still had a good lead 14-10. The second half green bay safety makes a pick 6 leading them to 21-10. At the end of the game it was 35-10 and there mvp was Barton Starr with two tds.

Present Day Connection

Every since the first super bowl people been been saying the super is like a holiday. Many had been in the super bowl every since super bowl 1 and has still been going. Coaches or players would have super bowl rings for winning the super bowl. Most likely every player that win the super bowl has tears of joy. except for the losing they cry of sadness or stress. A lot of players dream to be in the super bowl.


People called the super bowl a sport event-very popular one-into American culture. Instead of band people playing music during half time pop stars can now sing or rap to there fans. Every since football got popular players get paid more. The super bowl has been a national haliday every since the very first superbowl. Some super bowl had been called legends.

Five Fun Facts

1. Green Bay players got a raise for winning the super bowl(15,000).

2. Super Bowl hold 9/10 spots for the most watched broad cast.

3. Thanks giving day is the largest day food consumption the super bowl was second.

4. Chiefs only got 7,500 dollars raise.

5. NFC is the most dominant league.