PBEA Newsletter

Fall 2021

Message from the President

Dear PBEA members:

We made it through the 2020-2021 school year! It has been a year where the teachers might have been watching the end-of-the-year countdown more than the students. As I end my term as President of PBEA, one word comes to mind, change. So many of us get comfortable in our everyday situations and do not welcome change easily. Unfortunately, we found that some things are beyond our control and this school year has forced us to accept change and plow forward through this relentless pandemic.

Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted numerous parts of academia. Institutions have been forced to adjust the way they interact with students, faculty, and staff. Innovation and trial-and-error situations forced institutions to think creatively and configure new ways to approach teaching and learning.

Though the year brought new challenges, it provided new opportunities to create successful virtual classroom environments. Maybe a positive which comes from all of this was the alternative and creative ways to instruct students in a virtual environment which will afford them experiences that they will implement in the workplace well into the future. Combining virtual learning platforms, incorporating instructor-developed projects, and integrating virtual teams for project completion can ensure that students gain the confidence needed to perform in a virtual work world.

I hope we can all look back on these times that have changed the business world as we know it and feel triumphant. The students were not the only ones who learned this year. We also learned and embraced new technology to keep learning continuously, we became more creative in preparing lessons at a higher level, and we learned to develop a closer bond with students, parents, administrators, and faculty.

We appreciate having you as a PBEA member and value your input as we continue to work together as a team to continue growing and expanding business education in PA. Also, as a final note, consider joining NBEA, National Business Education Association. It is the nation’s leading professional organization devoted to serving educators in instruction, administration, research, and the distribution of information for and about business.

Our PBEA conference is scheduled online again this year. I hope to see you all since we have some amazing speakers plus a question-and-answer segment where we can share our expertise with all.

Stay well.

Nancy Waters

PBEA President

Good Things Are On The Horizon

November 18, 2021

Conference is online and free this year!

Registration Must Be RECEIVED BY October 31, 2021

PBEA 2021 Conference Schedule at a Glance is below

Link for registration and conference is also below.

Schedule at a Glance

PBEA 2021 Virtual Conference
Thursday November 18th, 2021
Schedule at a Glance

Our Gold Sponsor:


5:30-6:00 pm

REGISTRATION LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfW7l_pDkfWvhxbbJeVp3IfCqvhZE4uj78ilzpNCOD8WxPFZA/viewform




Room #1


6:00-6:40 pm

LISTEN UP!? Student Engagement and Differentiation Techniques for Business
Are your students falling asleep? Not engaged? Overwhelmed? Feel like you have to be a ringmaster or comedian every day to get students to listen? Learn how to transform your classroom procedures to increase student engagement and student success. Discover (and share) classroom hacks, tips, and tricks for making teaching and learning a positive experience. Experience a variety of apps, sites, and tools to scaffold student learning and promote learning for all.

Tonya D. Skinner

Business/Computer Educator @

Jackson Senior High School

Adobe Campus Leader * Microsoft Certified Educator

Google for Education Certified Educator Level 1 & 2

Room #2


6:50-7:30 pm

Tech Tools for Student Engagement – Explore tech tools you can incorporate in your Business classroom next spring or next week. Technology blossomed during the pandemic as companies raced to get teachers’ attention. Now you can use these resources to get your students engaged. Bring a device (phone or computer).

Dr. Christine Tiday

Director of Teacher Intern & Auxiliary Programs & Professor @ Susquehanna University

Room #3


7:40-8:10 pm

Mindfulness Strategies for School and Life

Students who possess high levels of mindfulness are: less likely to engage in bullying behaviors, able to handle stress in more favorable ways, willing to grow their emotional intelligence, and able to increase their level of happiness. This session will present useful strategies for developing mindfulness in our students and ourselves.

Dr. Maggie O’Conner

Professor, Bloomsburg University

Dr. Jane Brooker

Education Program Specialist II & Professor, Penn State University


8:15-8:30 pm

Open Forum Discussion on Business Education

Husky Dog Pound Event

Thursday, March 24th 2022 at 8am

Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA, USA

Bloomsburg, PA

More Information and Time - TBA

Congratulations New Board Members!


I am originally from Allentown, PA. I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2018 with a degree in Finance. I worked in finance for two years before returning Bloomsburg for my master's in Business Education. I am currently a second-year teacher at Avon Grove High School.


I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2019 with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing and a B.S.Ed. in Business Education. Previously, I worked for a school in York County for 2 years. Currently, I am teaching at Avon Grove High School. I am also enrolled in a master’s program for Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg.

Membership Update - Jeremy Jeffery, Ph.D. Membership Chair

Good afternoon Business Education Supporter!

Thank you for your continued support for the PBEA, and your continued advancement of the field of Business Education. We hope that your school year is going well during these times, and we are here to continue to also support you. Also, we also wanted to gently remind everyone of chances to stay involved with PBEA through membership and our upcoming virtual conference.

There are three different ways that you can show your support for PBEA through membership including:

A one-year membership is only $35

A three-year membership is only $90

A student membership is only $15.

You can find out more information about how to register by clicking here: http://pbea.info/become-a-member/.

The upcoming FREE online annual PBEA virtual conference will be held on the evening of Thursday, November 18, beginning at 6 p.m. You can find out more information about the conference by clicking here: http://pbea.info/pbea-conference/.

Treasurer's Report

PBEA Treasurer’s Report

As of 8/9/2021

Our current cash balance is $581.98 in Checking 1 and $30,796.38 in Checking 2 for a total of $31,378.36. Reports for FY 2020-2021 have been generated and we experienced a loss of ($1748.68). Major expenses included a $750.00 scholarship expense, liability insurance, and travel expenses associated with board meetings. To assist with the hardships of COVID, the PBEA Board of Directors voted to provide no-cost memberships for all members during FY 20- 21, and we did not charge for our online conference, which impacted our bottom line as expected.

As we transition to FY 2021-2022, I am expecting that we will be able to return to a more customary performance. Budgeted amounts, based on a traditional year with a physical conference and membership dues, show a budgeted income of $10,950.00 and expenses of $9,380.00, for a net budgeted income of $1,570.00.

Michael Fry, Ed.D.

Treasurer, PBEA