A Rape on Campus

Jackie at UVA

In 2012, college freshman Jackie was invited to a Party at the Phi Kappa Psi Frat House. Her boyfriend at the time was a member of the fraternity and invited her to the party. While at the party she took a drink of fruit punch which was spiked by some of the members of the fraternity. Her boyfriend then took her upstairs to a dark room where she was raped by 7 members of the fraternity.

UVA Administration and Students

In the article, Jackie says that she talked to several administrators and students about what happened to her. The students acted like it was so big of a deal and that if she talks about it then she is a traitor to the school and the people in it. The administrators that she talked to acted like they were trying to help but were really manipulating her into not reporting anything to the police.

Broader View

Reading this article was very eye opening. I always thought that at college, you would be rather safe and not under the threat of something like this unless you left campus. However now I know that things like this are commonly swept under the rug so to say. This just shows how little people care about what happens to young women in society or more particularly at college. The admin at the college didn't want to help her, the students didn't really want to help her, and only one of her friends wanted to report it to the police but was shut down by the other two friends. People take the topic of rape too lightly now and that is why things like this happen.