Biology Project

Benthic Zone

Abiotic factors in the benthic zone

Abiotic factors trenches,deep sea volcanoes,and abyssal plains.Biotic factors in the benthic zone are blobfish,shell-less mollusks,and sea urchins.
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limiting factors that may affect carrying capacity of the ecosystem

the water pressure,the sand,rocky outcrops..

adaptations that help the organisms survive.

the organisms adapt to the low pressure.The benthos eat dead and decaying matter


Benthos are the organisms which live in the benthic zone and are different from the other animals in the sea.Many are adapted to live on the bottom,in their habitats they can be considered as dominant creatures, but they are often a source of prey for Carcharhinidae such as the lemon shark.Many organisms adapted to deep-water pressure and cannot survive in the upper parts of the water column. The pressure difference can be very significant.In oceanic environments, benthic habitats can be further zoned by depth. From the shallowest to the deepest are: the epipelagic (less than 200 meters), the mesopelagic (200–1,000 metres), the bathyal (1,000–4,000 meters), the abyssal (4,000–6,000 meters) and the deepest, the hadal (below 6,000 meters).