Athens vs Spartans

Athens are better!

I think you should join the Athens

  1. You should join the Athens because the athenians treat there kids better than Spartans people. The Spartans tell their kids to steal and if people find out the kids would have to get whiped.

If you join the Athens you won't have to go to military school

Unlike the Spartans the people of Athens don't have to go to military school at the age of seven.
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Now you might be thinking how are the slaves treated.

The slave in Athen is treated really really good almost like normal people.

Athenians women had more rights than slaves

The women had right to do things that slaves cant do and they also had more right than women in Sparta.
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The army in Athen

The army in Athen was not as strong as the Spartans but they were more smarter then them
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How the taxes are paid

You can pay you tax by crops, tourism and trading.
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The Athens government.

The Athens had a democracy government.
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They were more peaceful than Sparta

The Athenians had peace and did not like war because they believe in all the gods but they had a temple for Athena.
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