Michael Sutherland

General Info.

Grasslands are located on every continent except Antarctica. Grasslands are huge open plains full of grass, there are very few bushes and shrubs here, and trees are only found near rivers and streams.

Abiotic Factors

There are two different types of grasslands Tropical grasslands and Temperate grassland which both have hot summers and cold winters. Tropical Grassland are slightly hotter then Temperate Grasslands. Grassland receive about ten inches of rain each year. If grassland received more water they would become a forest if they recived less they would become a dessert. Grassland also have very rich soil that make it easy for things to grow.


Grassland do not have any landforms Grasslands are just wide open spaces of land.


Grassland have very little trees and bushes animals can not use them for cover instead they stay in herds to confuse the predators. There is a sesonal drought every year, most animals are only active during the rainy seson.


There are many different kinds of plants that live in grasslands such as milkweed, poison Ivy,Prairie Blazingstar, Sweet Cornflower, Purple Cornflower, etc. There are also trees that can be found around the prairie field that shelter some of these plants.

Human Impact

North America used to be covered in grasslands full of bison and pronghorns but however those herds are almost gone now many of the prairies have been converted into farmlands killing off these herds because or the soil being so rich.