Tech Tools - Assessment

Les Bois PLC - 4/11/2016

Please do the following:

Students answer multiple choice or true/false questions holding cards a certain way while the teacher records answers with a phone or tablet.

  • Only need one device
  • You can print your own cards or check them out from the library.

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An online multiple choice quiz.

  • Students can work through quiz at their own pace on their own device.
  • Google Classroom Share Button

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Quizzizz - Try It - Code: 133042 Join code: 133042

An online multiple choice quiz.

  • Puts students on a team so teams are competing.
  • Students can work through quiz at their own pace on their own device.
  • Will record each student's results and can compare two test results (pre & post test).
  • Can add subtopics to sort strengths and weaknesses.
  • Uses Zzish to grade student work.

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Quizalize - Try it - Code: rva689

Student type in & Code: rva689

Watch a video and ask questions as the students watch.

  • Video can be uploaded or watched from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, PBS, TED, NASA, Edutopia, National Geographic, Discovery and many more.
  • Teacher can add text images or drawings to the video
  • Teacher asks multiple choice, numerical, open (essay), check box, or drawn response questions.
  • Teacher can pause the video to ask questions or let the video play.
  • Multiple videos can be added.
  • Students can rewind and watch as many times as needed from any point.

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Zaption - Try It - Code: 33AU2

Students go to and enter code 33AU2

Voice annotate and highlight slide shows and/or pictures and turn it into a video for students.

To get more features like text staying on the screen you must pay for it. This a recent change. The price for educators is the current special they list at their website.

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MoveNote - Try It

Voice annotate a YouTube video play.

EDPuzzle - Try It

Create surveys, reviews, quizzes and tests with Google Forms and then use Flubaroo to grade it.

  • Teacher can setup the test to grade automatically so students can get their test score with or without answers right away.
  • Students can receive an email with test results.
  • Teacher can do questions analysis.

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  • Create your form.
  • On the result sheet (in Google Sheets) add Flubaroo to your Add-ons.
  • Set to grade automatically if you choose.
Google Assessment - Try It

A collaborative board to post information.

Padlet - Try It