Tomahawk Essentials

August 31, 2015

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend! I can't believe we are closing out August and September is already here. I am looking forward to the leaves changing colors and the cool autumn weather.

Enjoy the Week!


Get the 411...Information at a Glance

Week at a Glimpse


Picture Day (Schedule)

10:30-11:00 Third Grade Data PLC

11:40-12:10 Fifth Grade Data PLC

2:15-2:45 First Grade Data PLC


9:30-10:00 Fourth Grade Data PLC

10:10-10:20 Tornado Drill- Reschedule

11:30-1:00 New Principal Mentor Meeting (Christy out of the building)

12:45-1:15 Second Grade Data PLC

4:00-5:00 Certified Staff Meeting (Agenda)


8:30-12:30 New Principal Visits ( Christy out of the building)

1:30-2:00 Kindergarten Data PLC


9:30-10:00 Office Staff Meeting

3:00-3:20 PBIS Assembly

Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Reach 50% participation in your class* and receive a $50 gift card from Mixed Bag Designs. All you have to do is complete the attached flyer and turn it in with your class orders.

Updating Employee Online Information

Do you need to Change Your Address? Phone? Emergency Contact Info?

Simply go to Employee Online and log in with your system user name and system password.

*When you get to Employee Online, you can change your address or phone. Look at the blue bar on the left. Under “Personal Information” you will see “Home Address” and “Emergency Info.” Click on “Home Address.”

*You can see your information “grayed out” on the form that opens. To edit, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Edit.” Make your changes, then click “Save.”

*To change your emergency contact information, click on “Emergency Info.” On the screen that opens, you will see your current emergency contact(s). To delete a contact, click “Delete” at the right entry. To add a contact, click on “Add” button at the bottom right. To review or edit, click on the name of the emergency contact. To edit just enter the new information and the system will automatically update your information.

Need to Review Your W-2 information?

Once again go to Employee Online, log in, and click on “W-2 Info” in the blue box on the left to see your current information. If you want to change your information, you can download a new form by clicking on “Forms” near the top of the blue box. There you will see lots of forms for you to use, and the W-4 form allows you to change information that creates your W-2. (You can also get a K-4 form for Kansas taxes.) Please send completed forms to the Payroll Department, Education Center. If you need to Change Your Name, you can download the correct form from the same site. You will need to provide Employee Services with evidence that your name has been officially changed with your Social Security number.


The Olathe Public Schools Foundation’s new Fund-A-Need program enables teachers to directly reach out to interested donors and share what is needed in their classroom. Donors search on the OPSF website for projects that match what they care most about, and fund a part or all via online donations. You will get updates when your project is live and each time a donation is made. A real-time graphic on your project page will show how many donors you have had and how much is needed to fund your project. At times, matching gifts from local companies or individuals can help boost your grant. Read more...

BCBS Health Risk Assessment (Revised Schedule)

Current staff members that participate in a BCBS health plan that they need to schedule a health screening (September through October) and complete a Health Risk Assessment by October 30th, 2015 if they want to be provided a health insurance premium discount for the 2016 calendar year. If a staff member would prefer to see their doctor in place of the health screening, they can visit to download their alternative means screening form.

Health Screening location, times, instructions for scheduling are attached.

Licensed Employees

Licensed employees who are managing their college hours and professional development points should remember two contacts:

*If you have questions about and entering/recording hours and points, contact Colleen Powls at or 780-7891

*If you have questions about salary movement, contact Lori Busing at or 780-8109.

You can get lots of information about licensure questions by going to click on Job Opportunities and it will take you to the Human Resources website. In the left hand column scroll down to Helpful Links, and click on HR License Toolkit. Here you will find links to License Look-up, KSDE Licensure Home page, forms, etc., as well as information about Fingerprinting.

If you need further help or information or information about your license, you can contact Olathe Public Schools Human Resources Department Deb Madden or 780-8282.

Fingerprint services

Fingerprint services for licensed staff who are renewing/upgrading their licenses will be available in the Human Resources Department on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:45pm.

Staff are asked to schedule a time in advance by visiting:

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

We are all mandated reporters. Once a mandated reporter is aware of any information which causes a “reason to suspect,” the reporter is mandated by law to report the concerns. It is helpful to remind staff that reporting is a request for an assessment into the condition of a child. Read more...

Nightly Computer Shut-Down

Beginning September 8th, all district computers will automatically shut down at 5:10 p.m. At 5:00, if you are logged on, you will begin to get 1 minute warnings. Please call the help desk if you have any questions.

Tornado Drill

The Tornado drill has been rescheduled for next, Tuesday, September 8 at 1:00 pm. I will include more information in next week's Essentials.

Generate Loads of Wonder ~ Let it G.L.O.W.

Weekly Wonders

Monday: Who invented the Automobile?

Tuesday: How do you make a snow cone?

Wednesday: What is a Newt?

Thursday: Why do you sneeze?

Friday: How did the months of the year get their names?

Technology Spotlight

Mrs. Sackery's students work with partners to explore birds using PebbleGo. Please let me know how your students are using iPads in the classroom.

What's Trending...

Padlet is the easiest way to create and collaborate in the classroom, at work, and at home. Padlet has finally released a dedicated iPad app. The iPad app functions in all of the same ways as the web app with one additional feature that teachers are going to love. Now when you want students to join one of your Padlet walls you can have them scan a QR code with the Padlet iPad app to instantly join the wall on their iPads. To get the QR code you must create a Padlet wall then open the sharing settings to find the QR code to project or print.

Kagan Korner

The Kagan Structure for September is Mix-Pair-Share. This is a great structure to use simultaneously with Timed- Pair-Share. As you plan lessons for September please incorporate Mix-Pair-Share. Directions are attached.