My Life for this year In School

nanu demientieff

Akiuk School

Remember About This School

HI.. I go to school at Akiuk Memorial School and school is about to quit. What I would like to remember about this year is that I had a great year here at Akiuk School. One reason that I like this school is that I had a good year and that I passed all my classes for this year. For my next year of schooling, I will try my best, learning new things.

Back in time

If I want to go back in time I would to go August and give myself advice about this year {before it happens}, I would tell myself that I would have to be good at school. I like that this is a good school, teaching new things.

Thankful for?

I'm thankful for having a great basketball year in the Jr High league even when we got 2nd place In the championship. Plus I'm thankful for teachers for letting me know what I don't know, preparing me for next school year.

The Hardest/Easiest Part...

The hardest part is trying to pass school because I had enough school for this year and I'm ready for the summer. The easiest part is having to pass all my grades and classes because its kind of hard to try to pass all my classes, trying to earn grades that are good enough.

After Everything I've learned, Next year I Want to...

After everything I've learned, next year I want to remember that I had a great year in Akiuk Memorial School, even, trying to pass my classes. For next year school I want to give my self some good advice and try pass my classes that I can move to another grade.