by Matthew

country basics

the name is Yemen the capital is Santa the meaning of the flag was adopted on may 22 1994 after the E gift revolution.


The continent is Asia the country that surround it are omen sandy aibra the major land forms are great rift valley the physical features himacki say yon the major land marks are Sheba Saki human Geo graphic feathers scarce of water and soil the major body of water are gulf of aides red sea human interment interaction lack of water soil


its government is constitutional republic the leader is abd rabbi hadi salon the leaders are chosen by voting at elections citizens rights are equalized participate in voting


their GDP is 35.95 billion they are poor nation there currency is Yemen rial there main exports are fossils wheat corn rice meat there imports are petroleum gas there life rate is 62.91 years there birth rate is 4.21 per woman there literacy rate is 62 percent there drinking water source is 80 percent


traditional clothing is quanta modern clothing the Arabia coat the major languages are Arabic the major religions are the major religons are shia Muslims popular food dishes are saltine contains rice lamb srambled eggs