Digital Citizenship

how to be a successful digital citizen

How to figure out that a site is an affective site.

  • Look for a good rated site that has been newly updated.
  • When you go to check out something the "https://" The "s" means you are on a secure site.
  • Try to find a website with peoples complaints.

Are you careful online?

How to search effectively

  • Start by typing your thing,(person, place, or thing).
  • Be precise about what you want.
  • Use " if your search is not working.
  • Use .org, .com, .gov, depending on what they are.

How to brand yourself positively.

  • Search effectively.
  • Be an upstander.
  • don't post things that are negative.

Cyber bully

  • A cyber bully is basically what you hear it's a bully who uses phones.
  • They use a few different ways
  • Like flaming, to name a few.

Social media

  • You shouldn't cyberbully on places like facebook or twitter because it will mark your digital footprint and people will avoid you.
  • Try to be a safe user and stand up to people so they will respect you.
  • Do your research before you buy something on a website.


  • get a good password.
  • look for safe websites.
  • avoid weird emails.
  • don't ever buy stuff on phony websites.