#mindfulAISD (10/24)

Mindfulness in the Austin Independent School District

Week of October 24th

Welcome to the #mindfulAISD newsletter for the week of October 24th. This will serve as a way to highlight the awesome mindfulness work being done across the district as well as offer resources. Have suggestions for material you'd like to see on here? Please email the SEL Mindfulness Specialist: james.butler@austinisd.org


Want to Showcase Your Mindfulness Work?

Send James Butler an email with a brief story and/or photo (if you have photo releases for your students). Or if you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #mindfulAISD and I'll post a link to your tweet on the newsletter.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Destress Monday has a weekly newsletter with free guided meditations, tips, and inspiration to help you start fresh and set a positive tone for the week ahead. Below is a guided meditation for relaxing the muscles in your body. Try it on your own and/or with your students.

It’s easy to feel overwrought throughout the week. Mental stress often leads to physical stress, making muscles overly taut. To reduce this tension, try Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). It’s a way of tightening and releasing each muscle, until your whole body is relaxed and your mind is stress-free.

  1. Get comfortable. Start with your left foot, tensing it for a few seconds and then fully relaxing it. Take a deep, calming breath as the tension dissipates. Be mindful of your relaxed muscle sensation. Repeat with your right foot.
  2. Next, tense your left calf muscle and release, followed by a deep breath. Focus on how your calf muscle feels when it’s totally relaxed. Repeat with your right calf.
  3. Repeat tensing and releasing each muscle as you slowly make your way up your body. Use the breaths in between to concentrate on your relaxed state until you reach your head.

If you'd like to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, click here.

AISD Mindfulness Challenge in November--Sign Up Below

November is a crazy time of the year for teachers with all the grading and holiday craze, so we're going to have a district-wide Mindfulness Challenge. The idea is to help us be intentional about taking care of ourselves. In this instance, through meditation and/or yoga. You can do this is any way that works for you (i.e. Calm app, yoga class or at home, etc.).

This is completely optional, but if you'd like to participate, fill out the Google Form below to set your goal (it will take 1 minute to complete). At the end of the month, I'll send a follow up email so you can check in about your goal. Participants who meet their goal will be eligible for the raffling of a $25 Visa gift card.


Mindful Classrooms--Week 10

If you're using Mindful Classrooms: The Educator Guide, I recommend using Week 10 this week. It's a very loose recommendation though. Please do what's best for you and your students. If you'd like the free electronic copy of the book, please feel out the Google Form at the bottom of this page.

Photos/stories of Mindful Classrooms being used in class are always welcome and would be great for the newsletter! Email James Butler.


Sign Up for Mindfulness Support

If you haven't filled out the #mindfulAISD Google Form (below) and want to highlight your work and/or receive mindfulness support, please check it out. It only takes about 1 minute to complete. Know someone in AISD interested in mindfulness? Send them this newsletter for them to fill out the Google Form.


James Butler

SEL Mindfulness Specialist