Conserving Energy

You can conserve energy wherever you are!

Ways to Conserve Energy

Energy is very important to humans. We use it in many ways.Energy is a renewable resource, which means that it can be replaced within a lifetime. Even though it is renewable, it can still run out. This is where the conserving comes in. Here are some tips.

-Make sure that your dryer and washer are filled with clothes completely.

-When it's cold, you can wear a sweater or a jacket instead of using a heater.

-Use a bike or walk to places that are close by instead of riding in a car.

-Turn of the lights when you leave a room

-Take shorter showers

-Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth

Natural Resources

Natural Resources are a resource that comes from the Earth which humans need and use. If all natural resources are gone humans cannot live. Unless there is a dinosaur time again, we cannot get nonrenewable resources back, which we can't replace within an average life time. Conserving energy is helping you and the whole planet.
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