How it started

Bungie was founded by Alex Seropian in 1991 with two goals. First to combine brilliant technology and beautiful art with captivating gameplay . Second to achieve world domination.

Gaming history from the begining to now

In 1993 Bungie released pathways into darkness, in 1994 they released Marathon, in 1997 they released Myth: the fallen lords, in 1998 they released Myth 2: soulblighter, in 1999 they released Halo combat evolved Myth: the total codex and Myth 2: chimera, in 2001 they released Myth 2: worlds, in 2004 they released Halo 2 ,in 2007 they released halo 3, in 2009 they released Halo 3 ODST and Halo Wars, in 2010 Halo reach was released. On November 8 Halo 4 will be released.

Bungie and Microsoft

343 industries (Microsoft) has bought Halo 4 from Bungie. Microsoft aims to completely change the way you play Halo.