Guiding Children

Addie Meyer

Do's and Don'ts

  • instead of telling children what they can do, tell the child what they can do.

  1. Example do: "You can eat your cookie after you finish your dinner."
  2. Example don't: "Don't touch that cookie!"
  • Telling a child what they can do instead of what they can't do is a more positive redirecting.

Protecting and Preserving Children's Feelings

When protecting a child's feelings, you should always say things in the most positive way.

  • Try to avoid words that are negative
  1. Example: stop,bad,shut up,quit it
  • Instead, try to redirect their actions by positive requests
  1. Example: a child is talking loudly during church. Instead of saying "Shut up" you can say "Lets try to be quiet and listen to the speaker."
  • Saying things in a polite manner will make the child want to cooperate more and will not hurt their feelings.

Avoiding Possible Problems

  • Giving your child options of what they can choose from is a way to avoid problematic situations.
  1. Example: and care giver and a child are out shopping for a jacket and they only have a yellow and green jacket that is in their size. Instead of asking to pick a jacket, give them the two options of either the yellow or the green one.

Changing the Environment

  • Changing the environment can help with the struggle of power between the adult and the child. Let the child do independent things under adult supervision.

  1. Example: the refrigerator is normally filled with unhealthy snacks that is easy for the child to reach. Substituting the unhealthy snacks with healthy ones will give the child the healthy food, without having an adult take away the unhealthy snacks from them.

Working with the Child

  • When a child doesn't cooperate when doing necessary things like eating or going to bed. allow the child to do things to make them feel like they are doing those things by choice.

  1. Example: You are trying to spoon feed a child baby food but they are resisting it. Try letting them hold the spoon and feed themselves.