Recycling open world project

Join us in raising money for a school in Nepal

Join the 3rd grade class who wants to help these students in Nepal

We are teaming up with Funding Factory. All you have to do is bring us your old cartridges, batteries, electronics and more. Please bring in any electronics you would normally throw away! We will send it to Funding Factory and they will give us money that we can send to Nepal to help these students fund their new school.

Just drop off you recyclables to Mrs Armendariz's Elementary computer lab.

Drop your things off and we will do the rest, it is really that easy. Once we start earning money we will put a poster out saying how much.

Some questions you might have

  • "Can I bring in recyclables from work?" Yes, just check with your employer.
  • "Can I drop my recyclables off at Mrs. Armendariz's house if it is closer?" Yes!
  • "Do I have to package my recyclables a certain way?" No, just throe it in a bag and drop it off.