Pros of Hydroelectricity

Why it is AMAZING!!!!

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Hydroelectric Power Plant Working Animation

Dams and Hydroelectricity (Introduction)

Hydroelectric power comes in all shapes and sizes, they differ from huge hydroelectric dams to small run-of-the-mill plants. Some large scale hydroelectric dams and still being built in places like China and Brazil.

Inside of the Dams

You Ask We Answer

Question 1

Hydro power is environmentally friendlier source of energy compared to fossil fuels. This means that using hydro power instead of fossil fuels leads good environmental health. Hydro power isn't a intermediate energy like solar and wind energy are, and when dams are completed they are able to produce electricity at a stable rate. Now a days hydroelectric power plants have an efficiency of 90%, which means that little amounts of energy gets wasted in the process.

Question 2

Yes, though there are many no's to this question, there are also many yes', such as. Though when the dam operates the noise is LOUD. You benefit by getting a steady power source.
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Question 3

Hydro power is a earth-friendly energy source, generating power without creating air pollution or toxic products. Using hydro power avoids 200 million tons of carbon pollution in the U.S. each year. Communities that have hydro power as their primary energy source receive the benefits of cleaner air and water. So unless the earth runs out of water this will sustain an abundant source of energy.

Question 4

Of course not, I mean Hydroelectricity is the best. But if you had to have a better aternative it would probably be:

-biomass gasifiers burn waste products such as, (poop and corn husks) to produce energy

-wind and solar generation

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