Littlefield and Lindner's

Lasso Loop Log

Special Persons Picnic

Thanks to everyone who came and ate with their child on Friday. We had a great time!

Thank you!

A special thanks for all of you who sent snacks for our class. If you are going to send snacks, please make sure they do not contain any nuts. We appreciate your support!


We will be sending homework this week. Every night students will be expected to read for 20 minutes. This could mean that you read to them, they read to you, or you take turns reading. (See our webpage for other ideas to read with your child.) You will need to fill out their reading log and send it back to school daily. Math homework will be given on Mondays and due on Friday.

Little Reminders...


The official start of our school day is 8:00. However, morning assembly begins at 7:50. Please try to get your child to school each day so that they can participate in our morning celebrations.

Library Books

Your child checked out library books this week. Please make sure that they bring these back to school everyday, since we will be using them in Reading class. Mrs. Lindner's homeroom class will go to the library on Tuesdays, and Mrs. Littlefield's library day is Wednesday.


Our lunch is from 11:15ish (depends on the teacher) to 11:45ish. You are invited to eat with your child, but we ask that you do not share your food with any other child. This is due to the fact that many students have food allergies.

Also, be sure to check your child's lunch account. You can check their account and add money to it online at

All About Me Page

If you have not done so, please make sure to send your child's All About Me scrapbook/photo page. We enjoy learning more about our students, and the kids love to look at pictures of their friends.

Kindergarten Color Days

For the next two weeks, the kindergarten classes will be reviewing colors. The teachers are asking students to wear the following colors on these days to help these little ones.

Monday, Sept. 10th: Red

Tuesday, Sept 11th: Orange

Wednesday, Sept 12th: Yellow

Thursday, Sept 13th: Green

Friday, Sept 14th: Blue

Monday, Sept 17th: Purple

Tuesday, Setpt 18th: Pink

Wednesday, Sept 19th: Brown

Thursday, Sept 20th: Black

Friday, Sept. 21st: Gray

Ruth Littlefield

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the school or email us.
Check out our website. We will be adding links for great math websites soon!