Francisco Vasquez De Coronado

by Gracie Yoder----Feb. 2016

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Personal Background

Born in 1510

-Lived in Salamanca, Spain


-Lived to 44 years old

-Died September 22, 1554


His wife

-King of Spain (Antonio de Mendoza)

- The King put him in charge of the journey

-Spain (The country highlighted with a box around it on the map is Spain)

His Motives

To find riches

-His brother had inherited all the families gold and his wife was rich. So he wanted some too.


To North America in 1540

-Back to Spain in 1542

-Lived 1510-1554


Spread Christianity

- Found American Indians in SouthWest part of North America

-Charged with bad leadership and mistreat of American Indians (violence)

-He and his men found the Grand Canyon

Route of Exploration

From Mexico to South West America

-Went through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas