Lemurs of Madagascar

Endemic Global Species

Background Information

Madagascar lacks the dominant form of primate distributed worldwide, those of the suborder Haplorhini (monkeys, chimps, gorillas, and Homo sapiens). Instead, their niche has been filled by an older group of primates, the lemurs. Lemurs belong to the sub-order Strepsirhini together with bushbabies, lorises, and pottos which—like the original lemurs—are nocturnal, insectivorous primates characterized by a small body, a long nose, and large eyes. Lemurs have an interesting evolutionary history and the only reason they still exist today is because of Madagascar's isolation.
The first lemur-like primates on the fossil record appeared roughly 60 million years ago in mainland Africa. Researchers speculates that more lemurs species are still yet to be discovered

Threats and causes of endangerment

Lemurs can only live in madagascar hotspot which them endangered because of human activites such as hunting, burning down or tearing down their natural habitat, climate change and human evolution. Sooner or later, lemurs are going to be extinct because we keep destroyin g the tropicsl forest which they know as their natural and save home

Soluition and protection

We can try to protect these species if we try to reduce how we waste resourses and the government of Madagascar are tryingb to prevent these species from going extinct but it is not fanalised yet due to poverty in the country