Tundra biome

5 abiotic factors

Ice snow dead plants air light

5 biotic factors

Polar bear


Arctic fox

Snowy owl

Musk owl



Average yearly precipitation

10 in

Average Temps


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Plant life

Arctic moss

Caribou mossd


Bear berry


Animal life

Snow birds

Arctic fox

Polar bear



Why do we need this biome

Tundras regulate temp

How do humans affect this biome

By pollution the are destroying the icy area

How can we protect this biome

We can block of certain areas so humans don't destroy them

What is this. biome know for

Being cold and barren

Interesting fact

The biome consistent of a wate land


The tundra biome is know for it's extremely cold weather.the tundra has many animals like caribou,polar bears,arctic fox and the musk ox.THe Tiaga also has lots of plant life like the bear berry and the caribou moss. Even though it looks like it rains a lot in the tundra it rains as much as the desert it's just that the stuff thAt stays stays for a long time.a little know fact is that the tundra regulates temp
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