Tex-Mex Cuisine

fusion of American and Mexican Cuisine

Tex-Mex Cuisine is commonly found in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Common Ingredients

Cheese, beef, pork,beans, spices, tortilla.

Some of the Main Dishes

About Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

Spain claimed Texas in 1519, history of New Mexico wasn't recorded until conquistadors arrived in the 16th century and Arizona split from Mexico in the 1840s. All three of the main places Tex-Mex is found were once invaded or belonged to Hispanic countries.

Best Tex-Mex Cuisine in Houston

If you're ever in Houston, be sure to try these top three Tex-Mex restaurants: Gringo's Mexican Kitchen, El Tiempo, Guadalajara

Tourists Attractions in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas

Texas- The Alamo Space Center, Big Bend National Park

Arizona- Chaco Historian Park, Billy the Kid Museum

New Mexico- Carlsbad Cavern National Park