Mariachi Performance

By; Leslie Jimenez

Mariachi Viva Mexico

Mariachi Viva Mexico were found in the Northwest by Humberto Guillen in 1994. They have been working in a lot of projects. For example, at festival fairs, partys, tv shows, radio stations, and many more events.

Mariachi Greatest Songs

Friday, Feb. 6th 2015 at 7-9pm

206 North 3rd Street

Las Vegas, NV

This will be our greatest performance for the year. If you would like to hear to one of the greatest singers and instrument players please come by and support us and hear our wonder performance. There will be music, jumpers, rides, and other attractions. If you would like to come there will also be raffles to win and one of our greatest prices like winning $500 dollars. So if u would want to win that much and have a great time come by with your friends and family and guess what ? ITS FREE!!
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